martes, 10 de marzo de 2015

The landscape collector


Gredos (Avila - Spain)

As winter nears its end, the snowed capped mountains in the Gredos range starts pouring its melted water...

Ravines and gorges are overgrown with impetuous torrents, filled of oxygenated water, where the trout, the dipper and the otter make their living.
Confluenced streams will reach the valley, eventually watering the orchards.  

Sanabria (Zamora - Spain)

Spring is soon to arrive
Nude birch, linden and alder trees emerge their growing buds, containing the powerful energy of the future leaves...
a vital force triggered by the sap contains the message of the whole tree on both spiritual and energetic levels.   

Amphibians end their hibernation. 
At the heat and humidity of lengthening days by their stream bank habitat, common frogs and salamanders let themselves show.

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