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Cerro Tusa's Pyramid

Standing over the surrounding Antioquian landscape in Colombia, the unmistakable silhouette of Cerro Tusa emerges intriguing.

No wonder, this busting knees colossus, erected 500 meters above the surrounding landscape is built on a 45º slope from its base. These dimensions are by no means negligible and though a "Natural Pyramid ", its dimensions loosely fit three times the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Cairo, Egypt. 

No guesswork needed or any sort of hypothesis from an indigenous ceremonial structure, an observation platform for extraterrestrial gods or of course, the most obvious piece of a meteorite.

In fact, Beyond the earth and all vegetation that covers the heart of the mount itself is a huge igneous rock. 

This rock was forged from molten magma within the earth's crust. A pyramid-shaped volcanic chimney developed on the seabed during the Pliocene, due to the orogenic activity of the Cocos - Nazca - South America tectonic plates. This mass belongs to the complex Cerro Bravo – Combia - Santa Isabel, as part of the large tectonic fault Cauca – Romeral. The igneous mass eventually cooled and solidified until erosion brought it to light.

"Goddess of the mirror ". A rock formation at the base of the hill which undoubtedly has a face shape. 
History tells that this image was venerated by the indigenous Zenufanáes and is so called because at sunset, the sun rays hitting the rock produces flashes like a mirror.

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