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The landscape collector


Ses Illetes (Formentera - Spain)

Two miles off the coast of Ibiza, Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands where if a relaxed style and breathtaking scenery is what you’re after, look no further…

Ses Illetes Beach has that in abundance, although it can get quite crowded in the summer months. Take your floppiest hat, biggest shades, and dip your toes in the transparent blue waters to unwind for a few days under the gorgeous Balearic sun.

A beach that is not in the Caribbean but looks pretty like it ... Located in the northern point of the island, the area is famous worldwide for its immaculate white sand and crystal clear waters . With its intense blue tones , the Mediterranean seems different in Formentera.

O Invernadeiro (Orense, Galicia - Spain)

There are no settlements within the boundaries of O Invernadeiro ... everything is nature…, untamed , wild , raw and virgin , isolated in sum ...

With about 6,000 hectares and located in the Orense Central Massif, O Invernadeiro extends through rolling green remote mountains , and steep rocky landscapes .

Landscape, only landscape ... , it would seem lifeless , uninhabited , more properly depopulated, recently abandoned, and yet these are now the domains of the wolf, ermine and wild cat. Also of deer, roe deer and wild boar.

A paradise that must be preserved and which to visit , you need to ask for a special p

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