martes, 11 de octubre de 2016

Arma letal / Letal weapon

The young goshawk has caught a rabbit ... a whole adult rabbit. It can feel proud, and so betrays his gaze. It is not the first rabbit he hunts, but in its almost two years of life, most of his prey have been birds, many kinds of them...: magpies, jays, doves; also lizards, rarely a small rodent, and sometimes, even some carrion. However, the rabbit, the staple food of carnivorous predators of spanish nature, is not one of his main prey.

But a rabbit, healthy, adult and jovial ... is not only a source of pride, it is also a guarantee of a good meal, a tasty and juicy food, and puts the young goshawk live up to the great eagles, which sail fly over the mountains, the plains and the meadows, and whenever they see a rabbit, they infallibly go for him.

It’s true that the rabbit was clueless and unaware, and cluelessness cost him his life; It was surprised when the goshawk passed over a clearing in the dwelling forest; he had not thought of catching him, nor stalked ... but the goshawk is very fast, very agile, he does not miss anything ... and "catches on the fly".

The goshawk…, a medium-sized bird of prey inhabiting the forests. It flies with agility and a prodigious speed and ability to maneuver between the trees, alternating small glides and fast wing shakes, acrobatics, turns, braking, twists and leg support to the trunks, which allows him to catch small prey inside the forests.

Rabbits are not forest animals, nor usually are they found in much of the range of goshawk. Sometimes however, the predator, especially young and immature, fly over the open or forest clearings, and do not waste a chance encounter.

The hawk is a species that is distributed widely but unevenly, throughout the forests of mainland Spain.

This is actually one of the fiercest and boldest birds. The young goshawk does not know well what to do. He is excited ... It does not always kill such a large animal and his blood boils. He should hide his prey as soon as possible, take it to a perch where to enjoy it quietly, discreetly, hidden from other opportunistic animals. But is it  not too heavy to fly with it?

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