lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

The landscape collector


Valle del Jerte (Cáceres – Spain)

Mediating April, no snow white covered landscape occurs as millions of Jerte’s cherry trees blossom.

This is the right time for fruit trees to flourish… awakening every sense: sight smell …, what about an enchanting walk in Sevilla’s streets filled with the orange blossom scent …
And what better way to leave the winter behind and delight in the new season than a visit to the Jerte Valley, for either of the Cherry tree festivals highlights: 

                     Awakening of the valley (End of March)
                  Cherry blossom (End of March to middle April)
              Flower petals rain (Mid to end of April)

All over, not only cherry orchards are blooming. Apricot, peaches, plums tree rows,... show their bright colors...  

Blooming apricot orchards in the French Pyrenees 

 Apple tree    

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