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Bearded vulture in the Pyrenees

Our soul is composed of three parts; mind (where we think), will (where we make decisions) and emotions (where we have our feelings). There are areas of our mind, will and emotions that are entangled with the world and need deliverance and restoration.
A walk in the Pyrenees is always a deep soul opportunity to release from urban devastation, daily life concerns and tribulations ... an invitation to try and think about nothing for a while.
                    We are in the time where Pyrenees are opening to spring, pouring their melted snow waters down to the valley lakes, greening and flowering meadows, boosting with renewed wild-life… 

Out of the endless possibilities of a walk in the Pyrenees, the aim of this publication is to address the personal experience of a sunny turquoise sky day, crystal clear streams, forests sprouting and the most amazing of the Pyrenean birds, the fire bird, the bearded vulture.

The bearded vulture, a bird with the characteristic style and grace normally associated with an eagle, is re-flourishing in the Pyrenees mountains.

Its diet of duck, goat skeletons and Ibex; the red ring around its eyes, the mask that covers its eyes and down over its beak like a moustache; the black claws protruding out from under a bright orange plumage, its enigmatic behaviour, makes it a special and mysterious bird.

Some 130 couples are presently breeding and eventually spreading to new territories where it was killed off decades ago.

Escuain gorge, in the Ordesa National Park is the right place to be if you want to enjoy the flight of bearded vulture. 
An early morning drive to the tiny village of Revilla, from well known Ainsa and a gentle walk to the panneled path "miradores de Revilla" will for sure result in the bird sight... 

Escuain village, on the other side of the gorge is a set of beautiful old houses perfectly integrated into the landscape. 
Throughout the day, nature provides a continuous performance in which to find the stage details and characters... blooming beech trees, a basking Pyrenean lizard, a golden eagle soaring and the bearded vulture...

On arriving, a bearded vulture is perched in the front cliff face, some 400 m away, waiting for thermals to be soared... Its my first bird view out of many more during the day. There it stays for the next half an hour. 
Its huge size and orange face and chest make it really amazing. 
Later I will be more amazed on its acrobatic ability when diving to attack a passing griffon, maybe too near to its nesting territory. 
Along the day I will have time to dwell on its face details... 
I am even able to distant see it with my telescope, soaring and feeding over the high mountain meadows, along with griffons and different species eagles. 
Gliding against the gorge limestone walls, the bird shows himself majestic and allows me to both abstract its global outlook and concentrate in every detail of its shape and colors where the bright orange face makes it unmistakable.  

Miradores de Revilla are easily reached after a short walk (30' - 45'). 
Path starts little before reaching the village and is clearly indicated with a pannel. 
There is enough space to park. Water is not available once you reach the view-point. 
It is a good place for reading, taking photographs, telescope viewing, meditation, listening to nature or earphone music, yoga practicing or simply siesta sleeping.

If not in the peak season or week-end, you might be on your own all day long, so think what's your right choice and enjoy the soul healing. 

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