viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015

Black Storks Land

Whenever visiting Extremadura region (Spain), in Spring or Summer, anyone's attention is called to the big numbers of white storks nesting right and left, by the road... in buildings, in trees in electricity pylons...
White storks are everywhere... in sight... 
Not so its congener, the black stork... and yet,... this is the dearest wish of a huge number of worlwide ornithologists, coming to Extremadura in the peak birdwatchind season.

Spring is the right time, when this wonderful migrating bird visits us, after spending the cold months in sub-Saharan Africa.

Indeed , the black stork is a rare bird. To the already small number of mountains that still keep some couples, last remains of the original area where landscape and forest values ​​are preserved, it adds demure manners to pass as a doubly difficult species to observe.

However the prize to watch one of 
these birds, even fleetingly in flight , as well as inn or near their nest, will be the consequent result of those who reach a suitable mountain, ...adding naturally the necessary amount of luck that sometimes is required for an unusual meeting.

My personal log book to enjoy a few spring days with the gliding of black storks, bridal acrobatic flights and air games at all and any-time, include visiting sites that are tourists well known, as well as others that are less so ... 
Otter swims, imperial eagle and peregrine falcon flights, and many other fauna shows potentially add to the enjoyment of the day... 

- First and most visited black storks are those in the Monfragüe's National Park "Salto del Gitano" cliff. 

This place is a must when wanting to see the black stork breeding, but their opposed shy character to the busting numbers of visitors makes them to leave as soon as they take off.

- Puerto Peña protected site include several couples often performing beautiful glide flights again the cliffs.

Black storks small and low weight, well under-sized to their wing  span, allows for amazing flying skills, potentially aerobatic as they soar, fast rising against the cliff face, close turning and couple enjoying...   

- At los Canchos de Ramiro protected site, black storks are always to the appointment. 

This is a beautiful site, not different and not far from the ones in Monfragüe.

- At the Tajo International Natural Park (as the river forms the border between Spain and Portugal), black storks are usually seen flying along the river course on their way from the nesting cliffs to feeding grounds.

Comparing both white and black storks is a futile task, since our urban neighbor is no more beautiful nor uglier than his ranger counterpart. 
The second are certainly more exciting though, for what their contemplation has of unique encounter, for their apprehension to human frequented areas and ultimately for their scarcity.

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  1. Este pájarito no lo vi en mi vida. Mira qué curioso! parece una cigüeña que se manchó de chapapote :-P


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