sábado, 24 de enero de 2015

The landscape collector


La Culebra (Zamora - Spain)

Cold is harsh in the unreal January Zamora landscape... 
And heavy: it sinks in the valleys, condensating the humid air near rivers and dam lakes. 

January brings its morning fogs, densely filling the valleys, A weak new born sun finds it hard to heat the atmosphere and dissipate the wet white cotton stuck amidst the pine trees.  

Wolfs hide in the fog, where their prey hide too, never too unscent for the beast not to find the injured or ill ones. 

The nature show goes on. Though hard to be seen, it can be felt. 

Guadarrama mountain range (Madrid - Spain)

La "Cuerda Larga" after a winter snow fall. 
This aerial show most passengers don't suspectis performed a few minutes after taking-off from Barajas. It can be enjoyed just through the window, while taking a hot coffee.
La Bola del Mundo on the far end, then La Maliciosa, Cabezas de Hierro and La Najarra, onto the road at La Morcuera mountain pass, just below...

And then, "La Sierra", from inside. Next week-end, when back from the journey...
Nude oak tree leaves carpet the ground... 
Amidst the woods flows the babbling brook.  

The small village, any sierra village, smells the stagnant smoke of the oak tree wood being burned in kitchens and chimneys, at dusk...

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